Chapter 74: State Boards, Commissions And Authorities

Article 32: Higher Education Coordination; State Board Of Regents

Statute 74-32,164: Institutions and courses exempt from act. The Kansas private and out-of-state postsecondary educational institution act shall not apply to:

      (a)   An institution supported primarily by Kansas taxation from either a local or state source;

      (b)   an institution or training program which offers instruction only for avocational or recreational purposes as determined by the state board;

      (c)   a course or courses of instruction or study, excluding degree-granting programs, sponsored by an employer for the training and preparation of its own employees, and for which no tuition or other fee is charged to the student;

      (d)   a course or courses of instruction or study sponsored by a recognized trade, business or professional organization having a closed membership for the instruction of the members of the organization, and for which no tuition or other fee is charged to the student;

      (e)   an institution which is otherwise regulated and approved under any other law of this state;

      (f)   a course or courses of special study or instruction having a closed enrollment and financed or subsidized on a contract basis by local or state government, private industry, or any person, firm, association or agency, other than the student involved;

      (g)   an institution financed or subsidized by federal or special funds which has applied to the state board for exemption from the provisions of this act and which has been declared exempt by the state board because it has found that the operation of such institution is outside the purview of this act;

      (h)   the Kansas City college and bible school, inc.; and

      (i)   any postsecondary educational institution which was granted approval to confer academic or honorary degrees by the state board of education under the provisions of K.S.A. 17-6105 prior to its repeal.

      History:   L. 2004, ch. 185, § 4; June 10.