Chapter 21: Crimes And Punishments


Article 39: Crimes Affecting Public Trusts

Statute 21-3903: Compensation for past official acts. (a) Compensation for past official acts is giving or offering to give to any public officer or employee any benefit, reward or consideration for having given, in such official capacity as public officer or employee, a decision, opinion, recommendation or vote favorable to the person giving or offering such benefit, reward or consideration, or for having performed an act of official misconduct.

      (b)   Subsection (a) shall not apply to the following:

      (1)   Gifts or other benefits conferred on account of kinship or other personal, professional or business relationships independent of the official status of the receiver; or

      (2)   Trivial benefits incidental to personal, professional or business contacts and involving no substantial risk of undermining official impartiality.

      (c)   Compensation for past official acts is a class B nonperson misdemeanor.

      History:   L. 1969, ch. 180, § 21-3903; L. 1992, ch. 239, § 178; L. 1993, ch. 291, § 128; July 1.